Anticipation is the Best Part

We all form ideals about things – the ideal college, the ideal boyfriend, the ideal career. Of course, we never reach most of these ideals, but a lot of the time it was the pursuit of this perfection that motivated us to get as far as we did. I am blogging this from Café Rouge in London, a few yards away from the British Museum. I have half a croissant smothered in strawberry jam in my mouth and listening intently to the two girls next to me gossiping over Sunday brunch a la Sex and the City. One girl is appalled by the lack of fashion sense and texting etiquette of the 35-year-old guy with whom she went on a date. The other is nodding sympathetically and asking an endless string of and-then-what-happened’s like the perfect gal-pal she is. Oh, I’m also sipping on a chocolate cappuccino. I think this is one of those rare instances in which the concept of an ideal manifests itself into reality.


Today is the first day of my dream European sojourn – launch off in London, parading to Paris, boogying down in Berlin, prancing through Prague, dropping off in Dresden, and venturing to Vienna. I have the perfect mix of alone days and meet-up-with-friends days. I have days scheduled for field research and drafting my B.A. thesis. I have days with nothing planned at all. I just purchased a disposable camera with a 30-photo capacity roll of film to satisfy my hipster quota (I have a reputation to uphold). And most importantly, right now the exchange rate is 1.00USD to 0.92EUR. Thanks Obama.

I think people who love ideals also are pretty into making lists. I’ve almost never checked off an entire list on schedule, but here’s to trying!

  • Buy a durable tote bag from an independent bookshop
  • Find a vintage sweater and dress
  • Go on a run through every city’s most beautiful park
  • Complete 30 pages of my B.A. thesis
  • Stay within my 300EUR spending budget
  • Finish Super Sad True Love Story

I’m going to keep this list short. God knows what happens when Wendy gets overambitious and lets her ideals grow wild.


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