The Return of the Blog

It seems that I cannot maintain a blog of which I can be proud unless I am living abroad. Perhaps I have exhausted the novelty of living in America after seventeen years. Perhaps the protestant ethic prevents me from putting in the time. It does not matter. This summer I will be back again in the land of croissants and fromage for a full three months, completing an internship and then an intensive language learning program. As of right now, I’m pretty nervous. This trip isn’t some well-packaged study abroad program with a built in friend group of bright-eyed American college kids. I got a lot more extroverted this quarter and dislike being alone more than before. I’m not sure how being alone and being an ocean away from everything familiar will pan out. But it’s good to force yourself to do something that absolutely terrifies you once in a while. Or everyday.

I am thankful, giddy, and amazed at this opportunity. πŸ™‚


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