Days of Happiness Update #9

31. Appetizer spreads. I’m just going to list all the things I love in a perfect appetizer table: bell peppers, assortment of nuts, camembert, a sampling of the best a charcuterie has to offer, peanut m&ms, petit ecoliers, grape tomatoes. Why eat real meals when you can just eat appetizers forever. Oh, we absolutely demolished it. Here’s a little peek at the carnage.


30. I had the best apple at the market. Perfectly crisp, lusciously sweet. Devoured it like a mountain lion ripping into the flesh of a deer.

29. I know I mentioned it before, but I think petit ecoliers might beat even bueno bars as my favorite European treat discovery. Someone else agrees with me. Basically, they’re butter biscuit cookies with a slab of good quality chocolate attached to the top. I may or may not have had an entire box for lunch today.

This entire list was about food.


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