The Provencal Market Scene

No proper Provencal town is worth it’s calissons unless it has a thriving Sunday market. On today’s study tour with IAU, we stopped by the biggest flea market in the Provence region, located in Carpentras a.k.a. residence of the Avignon popes. And I swear Provence has the best markets in France, for any market-y thing you want – food, clothes, trinkets. But of course, the star of the market for me is food, the smells, the colors, the exotic varieties, the freshness.


When I saw these chilies, I thought I was in China for a second.


A bouquet for your beloved? Smelled of lavender.


Now that is what I’m talking about, good ol’ French comfort food. My host mother made tartiflette for dinner once and I melted into a puddle of cheesey carbs.


For the more adventurous market lover, maybe you can find some way to eat these sea urchins (?)


…or dried fish of some sort?


Bright colors are quintessential for your cookware. Ah they just make me feel like I’m Snow White in a cottage with my singing birds on my shoulder.


What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with red and green cheese??


Things I’ve seen made into a French sausage (a thick, dry sausage): figs, Roquefort cheese, chestnuts, cherries, apples, candied walnuts, and my favorite, pistachios.


Market shopping basically becomes scarf shopping for all women. I managed to find great brands at the pop-up thrift stands. A thick ESCADA sweater: 2.50 euro.


And they had a great wild farm for ducks to make foie gras and a bunch of other great dishes! No. That was sarcasm.

Not pictured but no less awesome: Arab baked goods, creole Caribbean food truck, beautiful antiques street with countless sets of silverware, fur coats galore, a lot of whole chickens on a spit, olives, assorted tartines – or stuff french people make to be spreadable on bread.


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