Days of Happiness #6

40. Now, I know a lot of people don’t believe in that Horoscopes-What’s-Your-Astrological-Sign mumbojumbo but as a Pisces, I do have a deep appreciation and attraction to bodies of water. The Seine is weird. It moves along very rapidly in twisty jade green ribbons. Seriously, it is jade green. Like mint chocolate chip ice cream color but dulled down. And without chocolate chips. For four mornings and nights, I walked along the banks of the Seine. On the right bank, on the left bank, over the bridges connecting the banks. In the rain, in the sun, in the wind. I wish I have pictures but I couldn’t take my eyes off that river for even a minute.

39. Long, leisurely train rides. They’re like little sealed-off pods disconnected from real life. I can do almost 90% of the things I love the most on a long train ride: read, sleep, snack, converse. A little old French lady started lecturing me on marrying rich and popping out babies so you don’t have to work, though. I wonder what her husband sitting across from her was thinking.

38. Heights. I think I love being in mountains even more than being by water. Paris at night from the top of l’arc de triumphe.



37. Christmas lights. I am very happy that Christmas lights are a thing (actually, like ten times a thing) in Europe too. All the songs playing are American though. Good cheer and touristy snacks (mulled wine mmm). I dig it.

36. Familiar faces in a strange new world. I’m nearing the three month mark in my time abroad and it’s the longest time I’ve ever been away from home. It was comforting to hug and talk and laugh with friends from Naperville amidst the Parisian lights. I was getting homesick. It’s the week of Thanksgiving after all.

This is our smug, we're-in-paris-son faces.

This is our smug, we’re-in-paris-son faces.


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