100 Days of Happiness #5

45. I found this amazing Muesli bread in Amsterdam. I cannot stand the taste of white bread anymore. The flavor cannot compare to the grainy, nutty, savory goodness of Muesli bread. I’m going to be trying out this recipe back in the States. (Shoddy picture but necessary to make my point).

44. We made friends with French students! We met two of them on Saturday at a bar, and on Wednesday we were dining at their apartment on homemade steaks with wine sauce. On Saturday we were making slutty brownies and Swiss fondue. I think people get the stereotype of the French being rude and snobby from Parisians. Even the locals in Aix find the Parisians uppity. But I will say that since I’ve been here, I have been on the receiving end of some of the best hospitality I’ve ever had. How many college kids in America would serve steak for some foreigners they met three nights ago?

43. This past week was full of rejections. But that’s the game. You apply to a lot, you get rejected a lot, but really all you need is that one opportunity to push you along whatever road you’re riding. My reaction was tinged with relief, which probably meant that I didn’t really want it as much as I thought I did. My summer is open, my year is open, my life is open to explore. It’s terrifying and immensely energizing to realize.

42. Reconnecting with old friends.

41. No matter what country I’m in, I somehow find my way to an Asian fusion restaurant…

Staying classy.


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