Happiness Update #4

56. I found a really good cup of coffee for a reasonable price. The first time I bought coffee here, I paid fricking an entire euro for literally three tablespoons of the stuff. Proof:


But this little cafe comes to the rescue and serves possibly the best I’ve had since I arrived. The notes were not bitter, even though I didn’t put in any sugar and it’s actually in a cup and not a dinky teaspoon. Of course the experience was enhanced by good company.


55. Le vent! I’m a Chicagoan, you can’t take me away from my love for that chilly windy breeze. Finally, a day that nips a little at my bones. Things are fresher with the wind.

54. Hot chocolate here is a dream. It has the texture of melted chocolate bars!

53. Extensions on deadlines. That immense sigh of relief as the dreaded all-nighter was slashed to pieces and you instead nap for two hours in the afternoon.

52. Van Gogh. Standing where he stood, looking at what he saw, seeing how a sapling he painted in 1864 grew into a huge honking tree. I’m a big history buff and I get chills touching and just being in a place where someone as remarkable as Van Gogh once stood and experienced.

51. The stars are amazing in Aix. We were leaving the studio after a potluck at around 11pm and it was dark and woodsy and the cypress tree shadows framed the sky perfectly. Quiet quiet.

50. I’m feeling homesick today. Maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t want to leave Aix and I’m going to be sad when this program ends but when I do leave, at least I know I have so much to look forward to back home. Win-win situation.



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