Happiness Update #3

63. People used to make fun of me a lot because I love watching movies by myself, holed up in my room. Mockery probably stemmed from the fact that I’d do this on Friday nights… But I watched Harry Potter et les Reliques de la Mort, Premiere Partie (en Francais avec les sous-titres Francais …Ils parlent tres vite, mais oui). Mmm me time.

62. I don’t know how I haven’t written a post about french bread yet. You know when you’re about to bite into that perfect piece of soft, multigrain with sunflower seeds and sesame, fresh, springy bread… and it’s dipped in a bit of tomate sechee? God chewing bread is so satisfying. If you ever see a boulangerie called Paul, go in a buy a baguette. Or three for 2 euro. They’re a chain all over Europe but damn, they’re fresh (and family owned!) [@keerthana, they sell macarons too]

61. Libraries calm my mind. I can hear myself think if I want to, I can plug up my head with Avicii songs if I wanted to. Sitting here, time is not hectic and my mind isn’t racing to connect the dots of my life. I’m just jamming to swedish dance electronica and doing my French conjugations. Ahh… this is what peace is.

Also, I made two french friends. Rolling in the social status….

60. Party mood activated. Thursday night. Feeling alive at 2am.

59. Cathedral sitting is my hobby.

58. A fantastic apartment party is my kind of scene. Add some fig jam goat cheese, endless baguettes, Pina Coladas, Bueno chocolate bars, and guacomole. Rosey lights and people streaming around the old city center at 3am. An odd juxtaposition but it works.

57. “I’m sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody” – J. D. Salinger

Ambition is a burden. There are other ways of making a real difference in the lives of others and thus, the world that doesn’t involve medals, awards, and grand titles. I guess this isn’t really a “happiness update.” I like self reflection (sometimes).


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