Art Hunting in Marseille: Le Grand Atelier du Midi, Ulysses at the Frac

Marseille was named the 2013 European Capital of Culture and so the art museum there put on this enormous exhibit on impressionist art around the French Mediterranean. Pieces from all over the world got together and partied down in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence (lucky me!) in a two part exhibition. As did about a thousand other people in Marseille because we waited a good 40 minutes in line to get in and the place was packed.

At least the view was this:


No pictures were allowed inside but you can see all the works from Van Gogh to Bonnard here. Seeing a painting is nothing like looking at some glossy reproduction in a textbook, especially the Van Goghs.

Next, we went to Ulysses at the Frac. Great installation and multidisciplinary art by Hans Op de Beeck. Look him up! Unfortunately sat through almost two hours of weird performance dance art. In French. On four hours of sleep the night before. Again, no pictures but I did snag some of the gorgeous balcony.


Last, we went to this little tiny studio exhibition somewhere in the Arab neighborhood. It was kinda shady but had some trippy video installations. Also, the trains here also remind me of the 70’s. I’ve come to the conclusion that all European train stations are modeled after the Space Mountain ride at Disney World.


The Aix-en-Provence part of the exhibit, Matisse to Cezanne, will be explored this week, when I have time to do a whole day, I’ll go in the morning and just stay there all day. Not wasting nine euros. That’s three baguettes.


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