French Translations

So I found this book of poems (looks self published) by this guy who studied economics at L’Univerisitie d’Aix-Marseille (I creeped on linkdin). I also noticed that I haven’t been speaking French in full sentences. So I decided to read/translate this book (ANKH, la lumiere ou la folie) as an exercise in improving my French. I ain’t dealing with these French keyboards and alphabets with their funky letters and accents. So you’re only getting my broken English translation. Sorry I’m not sorry.


Life is this, that is: not much.

But this is, yes, good despite it all.

I want to stop the time, and that, only that, I breathe and I know the gift of God. But when the time flows, my heart bleeds with him.

Things pass and go very quickly, one does not really see them, one is occupied by predicting and trying to change the future. We forget to live presently.
The days pass and go very quickly, today serves to prepare for what is to be tomorrow in lieu of to ponder yesterday. We have forgotten to live.

It is only when tomorrow is uncertain that one savors the present instant. In that case, suddenly, the light of time is lost. We are blind and we do not want to see any more than the present instant, we want to outline the least piece of life to guard back the taste until the next day.

Life is made of little well beings that one neglects in pursuit of having even more. But pleasure resides in the one that is unique: in having several, to him, it subtracts its worth.

To become an adult, it is realizing the daydreams of the child.
(This is my definition in any case…)

– Olivier PANZA


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