Days of Happiness Update Post #1

I’ve been writing these as a reflection every night before I go to bed. They’re fun to reread. Some days it’s harder to think of a worthy event to write about but it’s never a “I can’t think of a single good thing that happened today.” It’s more “nothing fantastical life-changing happened today” which is totally the whole point of this project, to appreciate the little things in the everyday and not rely on those once in a lifetime events for your happiness. Because by definition, you’ll just be miserable for the majority of your life.

Days of Happiness:

80. Afternoon naps. And that pistachio nougat.

79. For once I did not hide from the sun like UV rays are the death of me. On the Mediterranean, the sun just feels beautiful on my skin! And the sea is bluer than anything I’ve ever seen. I forgot my camera on our field trip to Nice… but I will always remember the taste of that fantastic pistachio gelato 😉

78. This day is one of those days that is hard to write a happiness post… in the midst of a ton of due dates on which I’m miserably behind. However, I didn’t realize how much I missed my parents until I skyped them for the first time last night. Skype is a happiness post all in itself. I don’t know how people managed before to be away from loved ones for a long time with only email or costly short phone calls at their disposal. And before that, snail mail only. Oh mon dieu… I would cry.

77. Drawing with my left hand. Odd I know, but it was an exercise during art. I love it when i can just tell that a drawing is flowing and almost creating itself. Since I’m drawing three hours a day in studio, moments like that are becoming more frequent 🙂

76. Taking the first step towards prioritizing well. I didn’t take the additional Ethics class. Now I have more time to really get into the artist’s life and absorbing the pace of Aix-en-Provence. Quality not quantity seems to be the mantra here.

75. This may sound super shallow but loving your outfit for the day. I looked good in these shoes, this dress, and this cardigan AND this scarf. 😉 There were silver sparkles, pink alpacas, and a pattern from the 80’s. Walked with swag.

74. Beautiful stationary. I bought a box of ten french royalty blue colored envelopes with ten cards trimmed in silver. God, I love good quality paper. The abundance of papeteries in Aix are a godsend.

73. The four of us sat on top of Aix-en-Provence’s ciruclar city theater under a full moon and cloudless night skies. Polishing off between us a bottle of French white wine distilled not fifteen miles away, reading out loud from our Roman Architecture text, discussing the thrill of being artists… and eventually dancing to the tunes of Macklemore, Lil Wayne and Beyonce. Americans will be Americans.

72. Here comes another food appreciation post. Ryanair was giving me grief at check-in and so I rage-quit and ate two packages of Bueno. Why is this good? Because Bueno is damn delicious. Riding trains through the English countryside alone is enjoyable too. But does it make me uncultured to say that the hazelnut creme, chocolate, wafer perfection that is Bueno was better?

71. Lemon Poppy seed Muffins. Are. The. Shit. Oh I guess biking through London was fun too (do you see a trend here…).


70. Fragonard! The Swing! I saw the most iconic 18th century French rococo painting! Totally unexpected! I was reading about this painting in my textbook just a few days ago. I never thought I’d come face to face with it and an entirely mind blowing collection of French paintings in this tiny little art museum in London (The Wallace Collection). I nearly had a panic attack when I walked into the room and saw it. I thought it was a replica. Great impression on the lady who worked there as I hyperventilated but whatever. I saw Fragonard’s The Swing

For those who don’t know:

File:Fragonard, The Swing.jpg

Innocent girl in a pink dress? Oh no no. The guy hiding and lying down in the bushes  is the lover of the girl on the swing. The cupid statue on the left side is making the shhh gesture (naughty cupid). Her husband is the man on the right pushing her, with no idea that she’s flirting with Casanova over there, staring up her skirt. Ohlala. Also known as The Happy Accidents of the Swing. 


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