Pasadena, City of Roses

Fricking California, man. I tried so hard to deny it. Who needs all that sun anyway? You think I have enough sunscreen for all that UV (but actually…)? You think I need authentic Asian food? Take your perfect weather and boba, you hippie. I’m from Chicago bitch, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Everyone needs cheap $4 for two bobas with tapioca. Everyone needs that sizzling bulgolgi. God, even those palm tree infestations were beginning to look appealing. I think I even…got a tan. Oh mon dieu! Also, asians. Asians everywhere.

So here’s my trip summed up in three pictures (I realized I’m really not the kind of person to whip my camera out for everything):


Caltech is the perfect setting for a post-apocalyptic ghost town. Sunday afternoon, sun shining, Labor day weekend – not a soul in sight. I guess they were all hiding out in places like this doing the science. C’est la vie, non? (Non).


Now I don’t want you to get confused. This is not a patbingsoo. This is a massive, gargantuan, EIGHT CUP VOLUME green tea patbingsoo. Only in ktown…only in ktown.


Last but not least, a blurry picture of bibimbap and the boytoy. This is not just an exhibit of my amateur photography skills (just go with this, ok). It symbolizes the many food comas I induced last week while gorging on Korean food as well as how fast time went when I spent it with a wonderful person. 🙂 And these BLURRED LINES.


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